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Merong Mahawangsa.jpg

Merong Mahawangsa

RM 99.00

I am Merong Mahawangsa from the 4th Batik Footwear Series by Ann Zahid, of our Love MY Hand-Blocked Batik Campaign - the "Hikayat Series" 

I will bring you back in time to the epic saga of the Malay archipelago literatures, and though we come in a few sizes for each design, the hand-blocked batik makes each one of us ONE PAIR IN THE WORLD!


Product Descriptions
🌟 Upper: Malaysian Hand-Blocked Batik.
🌟 Sole: Phylon with rubber printed logo.
🌟 Double stitching.
🌟 Heel pad: Rubber.  
🌟 Make quality: Super!

👍 I am suitable indoors as house slippers.
👍 I am easy to walk around the house in - checking on your lovely plants or fish pond.
👍 I am also cool and comfy for your trip to the grocery store, barber shop, mamak shop, the mall.
👍 I am an amazing gift idea!

✔ Sizes: Men HK40-HK44 (Please refer to our Shoe Size Chart).

✔ Each pair comes with a FREE MESH BAG!

✔ We will send them to you via courier service for FREE within Malaysia. Others, courier charges applies.

Batik by Ann Zahid for the World! ❤