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Please meet the 2nd Batik Sneakers Series by Ann Zahid, of our Love MY Hand-Blocked Batik Campaign - the "Comel Series".

There are 8 cute designs for you to choose from. Each of the Malaysian Hand-Blocked Batik was articulately selected by us and was personally blocked by the Adiguru Batik Blok Malaysia Tuan Haji Mahadi Deraman of Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Much love and more than 40 years of craftsmanship were put into producing the hand-blocked batik having such high aestetic value yet tastefully modern in design.

We received such an astounding and warm welcome from all of you out there for our 1st Malaysian Hand-Blocked Batik Sneakers Series by Ann Zahid - the "Cantik Series". We are proud to have received some attention which substantiated our grounds in moving forward with this campaign. Terima kasih!

Each pair is ONE IN THE WORLD 💖

Batik by Ann Zahid for the World! ❤